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A Day of Rememberance

If you have known me for awhile you will remember this from previous years. It has been tradition for me to post this as a way of remembering the tragic events of that day that changed the world.


the world was silent
the country cried
the cities mourned
each person prayed
for two buildings
thousands of people
who died for the right
of everyone else to live freely
and didn’t know it
no one knew when they woke up
what the day would bring
no one dared or thought
that some things would come to an end
from Manhattan
to Orlando
from Los Angeles
to Boston
and every city in-between
cries were heard
of love and faith
even after such destruction
held the nation in a grip
those that did not have a chance
to say goodbye
or I love you
one last time
are still held in the hearts
of their families and friends
they are heroes
without trying to be
remember a nation
who still believes in hope
who fights on with passion
and loves more than enough
remember our allies
who did not have to stand with us
who share our fears and failures
and will eventually share our victory
so everyday we must
remember to hold those dear close
we must say I love you
and follow our hearts
we must believe in tomorrow
but live for today
we must know that God has a plan of action
even when we don’t understand what it is
we must stand tall and believe
in everyone around us
and trust that what we stand for is right
and always believe
~9/11/2002 ALT

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