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I know I’ve been rather quiet as of late. Between work and school my mind has been a jumble of schedules, guests, and homework. I have lots of news to give you, videos to link you to, and pictures to upload to show you. Those will have to wait till I get a bit more free time.

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that occurred last night that may have an adverse effect on the web television community. Yesterday the Second Annual Streamy Awards (like the Oscars, but for the web) was streamed live to a large home audience for the first time. Now, I don’t watch many awards shows but due to having some friends in the industry and being interested in the current entertainment trends I decided to tune in.

Now, I want to point out that despite all that occurred throughout the show, which I will detail later, I did watch the entire broadcast. This may be important at a later date.

I will acknowledge that there is always some risk in broadcasting anything live. However, I don’t think the audience (both online and at the theater) was prepared for all the “risks” that they would have to endure throughout the evening. Below are some of the risks that appeared and my take on them:

  • The choice of presenter. He may be famous but was he the correct choice for the audience at hand? The presenter made frequent risque and what some though (as seen through the twitter stream) vulgar jokes. He also continuously insulted the web community and the internet in general. I feel like this undermined the quality of the show and what the Streamy Awards are trying to accomplish which, in my mind, is to legitimize the web as a means of original entertainment.
  • Technical failure. I felt so bad for the Fine Brothers when the tech failed in the middle of their video. They had worked so hard on it and that was one of the main reasons I was watching the awards show. I honestly think that they deserve an apology.
  • Streakers. Okay I’m not sure if this was planned… but it was in poor taste, in my belief. Also, it seemed to prove the lack of maturity that kept getting mentioned throughout the event.
  • Technical failure. They thought they got the tech fixed, they forgot to fast forward the DVD though. And why it took them so long to figure it out I will never know. Also, tech failure at an awards show that is about new media seemed a bit ironic to me. Did anyone else feel this way?
  • EDIT – Also the constant background talking that was audible throughout the stream was unprofessional and irksome as well. I had forgotten about this point until a friend reminded me.
  • In my opinion these things were a list of what can go wrong will go wrong. Also, it seemed like all the things that can NOT happen at other entertainment awards shows did happen here including, constant cussing without beeping, unintentional nudity, and seriously technological failure.

I don’t want to neglect the people and things that I thought were well done.

  • Felicia Day: From her presenting of an award to her acceptance speech she was true class. She showed the rest of the world how it should be done, in my opinion. It also touched me when she said her Streamy was for “All Geek Girls”. Being one myself it made me smile and think of her and just that more amazing. Also, she stated something in her speech that is basically my hypothesis for a paper I’m writing for my entertainment and society class. Which gives it that much more legitimacy in my opinion.
  • The Fine Brothers: Yes the tech failed during their video but they tried to keep things together as much as they could. This was definitely to their credit.
  • Half the presenters: The presenters during the second half of the show (after all the unfortunate events) shrived to put the show back on track through their professionalism.
  • Autotune the News: Their performance during the show was amazing, their acceptance speech in song was even more so. I had only caught a few of their youtube videos before this, now I want to go back and watch everything they’ve ever done.

So were the 2010 Streamy Awards a complete disaster? It depends on who you talk to. To the winners, I’m sure it wasn’t. To the audience, it depends on their view. While there were many cringe worthy moments for me and I thought some of the sketches stretched a bit too long it was nice to see people being recognized for the innovative work they put in for little to no money in an entertainment outlet still in its infancy. I just hope that people do not judge them, and all web entertainment, by the awards show.

Next year, and I hope there will be a next year, I hope the Streamys learn from this year and ensure things run smoother. I also want to say good luck to them, the entertainment world can be harsh and have a long memory when it wants to, hopefully this is not a time when it wants to.

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