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So I have been super negligent in posting craft projects and the such. I am currently still working on my crafting community – but progress has been made and I hope to have it up in January! More information will be forthcoming when it finally goes up. Until then I will be posting about my knitting, beading, and paper craft projects that I will be working on while I leave up to the holiday season!

My latest project was a Ruffle scarf with beautiful yarn from Knitting Fever called Flounce. This will be a gift for someone special – but I do not want to say who ;).

This yarn is beautiful, but difficult to knit with. The pattern can be found on the Knitting Fever website here.

This is how it looked in various stages of being done.

And the beautiful finished project:

The scarf was fun to¬† make and took about 5 days of working on it in the evenings so approximately 6 hours. However, this was the first time I was working with this yarn so, now that I know how it works up, it shouldn’t take that long if I decide to make more. I adore the way it looks and now just have to stitch down the start and end for a clean edge.

Next up – my very first cable scarf!

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