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Every few months I need to stop and refocus myself and make sure I’m on the right track. I’ve been irrational, odd, paranoid, and jumping to conclusions more often this last week then is usual, and seeing how my birthday was a couple of weeks ago, it seems like it is definitely a time for a refocus. To make this easier to document and read I’m breaking it down into three categories: work, school, and personal life.


  • I only have a year and a class till the completion of my masters.
  • Despite what I sometimes thing I DID make the right choice
  • and I’m going to succeed in my Masters program.
  • I will be taking three classes in the fall and three in the spring then one in either the summer or the winter.
  • I will study hard and get the grades I deserve.
  • I am a smart and strong female with a great future ahead of her.


  • I will continue looking for other positions but be happy I have the wonderful and fun job that I currently have.
  • I will network and make contacts with people in the entertainment industry that can help me make my career a success.
  • I am always to look for the positives and push the negatives away (because what good do the negatives do).
  • I (hopefully) can become a substitute teacher in the fall while continuing to do the following.

Personal Life

  • I am currently blessed with great friends and an amazing boyfriend – I will not let myself forget this.
  • I will try my hardest to kill the paranoia monster once and for all. It isn’t healthy to be as paranoid as I can sometimes be.
  • I will look at all the wonderful things in my life and instead of questioning what I’ve done wrong, wonder what I can do to continue to make things in my life right.
  • Obsessing = drives me crazy. I must stop!
  • I don’t NEED anyone else to make my life perfect, but that doesn’t mean I can’t want to include people in my life.
  • I will talk about positive things.
  • My emotionalism must be kept undercontrol for everyone’s sanity.

I know some people may think this is just me blowing steam but if I put them in writing that makes these mantes more real for me… and makes me want to make them part of my life even that much more.

I thank all my friends for listening to me and ask for your help in order to get through the next year of craziness.

And I shall leave you with this, it can put a smile on your face:

The beach just makes me happy.

The beach just makes me happy.

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So, I feel like I have been neglecting my blog for awhile. I started this to help with creativity, both my own and anyone else who happened to come across it. In the process I seem to have obtained creative block (which is like writer’s block – yet worse). Every time I get an idea in my head I either can’t quite hold on to it or it runs away when I blink my eyes.

The acknowledgment of my creative block has lead me to search for the creativity that can be found in every day things, notions, and surroundings. Take for instance the occurrence of me being home last weekend for a few days. I had a wonderfully relaxing time that I definitely needed in order to recharge myself for the next few weeks of papers, reading, and work.

While driving into Fresno to spend time with my boyfriend I noticed something unusual on the side of the road.

What are these sheep doing here?

What are these sheep doing here?

This was the first time I had noticed sheep grazing land near the 99 freeway, therefore you can imagine my surprise since I had lived in Madera until the age of 18. After confirming it was indeed sheep (by asking parents, boyfriend, and grandmother and then taking a picture of them on my way back to S. Cali) I decided that sheep must be one of the most efficient creatures. Their coat is used to make wool for many fabric purpose and they produce milk used for cheese and other products. Best thing about them is that they regrow their coat and can produce more milk so they are useful for long periods of time.

These wonderful creatures inspired me. I need to be more creative, more efficient, and definitely more focused on my future. In the spirit of being more focused on my way home from the central valley I stopped and took some pictures at a very peaceful location.

Such a wonderful landscape.

Such a wonderful landscape.

I have driven past this area of the Grapevine probably 50 times and never stopped to look. I’m glad I finally did, the area was beautiful. It make me take a calming breathe and re-ensured my idea that California was where I am supposed to be.

My wonderful boyfriend found the most creative, romantic, and relaxing restaurant in Fresno to take me to while I was visiting. The Palms is by far the best restaurant I have been to in the Central Valley. The atmosphere was beautiful, the food was exquisite, and the music was exactly what I needed to relax. Everything we tried on their menu was spectacular but I can recommend the Rose Martini and Butter Lettuce salad in particular. If you are visiting (or live in) the area please check it out. Even though our budgets may not be what they used to wonderful places like this are few and far between.

In the spirit of creativity new blog posts to look forward to soon shall include:

  • Lessons learned over Valentine’s Day Weekend
  • Creative Collaboration ideas integrating New Media
  • Creatively looking at the workforce
  • Spring / Easter card ideas

And hopefully more that I can come up with as I go. Thank you everyone for reading and please comment in the box below. Also, more pictures from my trip can be found by clicking on the flickr box to the left or going clicking here.

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February is a dangerous month. At least part of the month consists of clouds and rain, it houses Valentine’s day (which can bring terror to even those in happy relationships), and it’s always too short which means you can’t get everything that was planned for the month done. For me February seems exceptionally dangerous as of late due to recently developed allergies and a tendency to fall into the glums when the weather gets cloudy.

Even though today was cloudy, the weather was behaving itself in typical Southern California fashion and I decided that being cooped up within these four walls was a lousy way to spend a Sunday. Besides, I felt the need for a reminder about why I love California so much and why I felt the need to move back, other then the whole needing to complete grad school, wanting to be closer to my family, and wanting to advance my career reasons. In an attempt to be creative and take a relaxing break from myself I decided to venture down Pacific Coast Highway with my camera.


The sight of the beach made me take a deep breathe while the smell of the ocean made my tense neck muscles unclench just a little bit. To me, this is home. Being able to drive to the beach, take in the beautiful scenery, walk down the shore with the water at my feet (not that today would be a good day to do that).


I didn’t stray too far from my fullerton apartment, and I wasn’t gone for more then a few hours but I returned to my apartment with a renewed sense of who I was and the dreams that I am following.

I am a strong, intelligent, focused woman who is getting her Masters in Advertising in order to be better prepared to work in the creative world of the entertainment industry. I am determined to do well in my classes, have fun at my current job, take the best pictures possible, and strive for a professional position in the entertainment industry.

I am a California girl… and I invite you to take this creative journey with me.

(For more pictures from my drive please see my flickr.)

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To start this blog off right, and to inspire creativity, I will start with some of the pictures I recently took in San Clemente, CA. These are my favorites but the rest can be found here. They were all taken with a Nikon D70 SLR camera and edited with Photoshop. I love taking scenery and beach pictures and hope you enjoy them.

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