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A Day of Rememberance

If you have known me for awhile you will remember this from previous years. It has been tradition for me to post this as a way of remembering the tragic events of that day that changed the world.


the world was silent
the country cried
the cities mourned
each person prayed
for two buildings
thousands of people
who died for the right
of everyone else to live freely
and didn’t know it
no one knew when they woke up
what the day would bring
no one dared or thought
that some things would come to an end
from Manhattan
to Orlando
from Los Angeles
to Boston
and every city in-between
cries were heard
of love and faith
even after such destruction
held the nation in a grip
those that did not have a chance
to say goodbye
or I love you
one last time
are still held in the hearts
of their families and friends
they are heroes
without trying to be
remember a nation
who still believes in hope
who fights on with passion
and loves more than enough
remember our allies
who did not have to stand with us
who share our fears and failures
and will eventually share our victory
so everyday we must
remember to hold those dear close
we must say I love you
and follow our hearts
we must believe in tomorrow
but live for today
we must know that God has a plan of action
even when we don’t understand what it is
we must stand tall and believe
in everyone around us
and trust that what we stand for is right
and always believe
~9/11/2002 ALT

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As many of you know I have becoming increasingly fascinated with transmedia entertainment due to my graduate studies in Mass Communications. So when I heard that Anthony Zuiker was doing a book with a online web component I was excited. I still can’t wait to see how this will unfold when the book was released. I also had the pleasure of attending the comic con panel for Level 26 and I took video to share with all of you.

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As some of you dear readers know I also am part of a Geeky Girls blog collective. I just posted a new blog about my comic con experience if any of you are interested in reading! Please go to the Geeky Girls blog to read my recommendations for a great Comic Con experience.



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So this month has been insane. Just got a new car, working many days of the week (with not that many hours but whatever), final papers for graduate classes, and then of course to top it all off the first week of summer break what happens? I get bad sinuses/head cold/whatever you call what I have. But point is I had all of today off… and yet couldn’t leave the apartment. But have been taking the time to do some productive things. Things like… convert some papers to PDF’s so I can upload them for you to enjoy, create a new twitter/blog/forum with some friends, and even start a youtube account. So, let me show you what I’ve been up to.

First, I have never played with YouTube but lately I decided I wanted to learn how. You can see my first two YouTube attempts here. Please be kind.

Also – I have some lovely friends met from Harper’s Globe and LG:15.  Together we have joined forces and became the Geek Girls. You can follow us on twitter @geekygirls, check out our new geeky blog, and play at our geeky forums. Come and join us – I promise we are nice!

I am currently trying to figure out how to upload the papers I wrote as PDFs for everyone to read/enjoy/give me feedback about. I have them in PDF format just not sure if I have to find a server to upload them to and then link or what. I will post them as soon as I figure it out! 🙂

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Marina Rey asked me to provide alternatives for people who did not like flowers on Valentine’s Day. So instead of another date idea I will provide you will a few examples of alternatives to give instead of the traditional flowers that sell in large bulk on this holiday.

1. Origami flowers. Origami Instructions has tons of different designs. By making it yourself not only are you saving money but you are showing your valentine that you think they are worth the special effort.

2. Chocolate roses. These are available at many stores for Valentine’s Day and most people can not resist chocolate.

3. Does your valentine have a favorite romantic comedy? Surprise them by showing up at their door with something that reminds them of their favorite timeless romance. (Example: A bouquet of sharpened pencils from You’ve Got Mail.)

4. A dried flower bouquet. This may take longer to locate but it would be a special reminder of you that will never fade away.

5. Write a love poem. Not only are you being creative but you are giving the one you love something that comes directly from your heart.

6. Make a CD mix of love songs. Or an playlist for their MP3 player. A bonus if you can load it onto their player for Valentine’s Day (or put it in their car so it starts playing when they turn it on) without them knowing it. Make sure to leave a note on the player or wheel to let them know someone was thinking of them!

I hope these alternative ideas to flowers spark your creativity and desire to make something special for the special one in your life.

Do you have any great ideas for altern-flowers? Leave them in the comments! I’ll post the best ones in a blog later this week.

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For both men and women Valentine’s Day is either looked forward to or hated. This may be due to a specific relationship status (or lack thereof) or a distaste for the commercialism. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to make this a day to remember.

In these current economical times Valentine’s Day can be that much more of a challenge, but looked at creatively can provide a meaningful and timeless experience.

I will use the next few days leading up to Valentine’s to share some creatively inexpensive (but romantic) date ideas for you and your Valentine.

First Date

If you are celebrating your first date on Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Of course you are looking to make a great first expression, but can your wallet afford it? This is what I recommend to make sure your first expression is memorable and touching.

1. Flowers are a nice touch. Every girl loves getting flowers. But if the dozen long stemmed roses aren’t in your budget (or is your style) try a single bloom of her favorite flower. Your date will be touched at the thought you put into choosing it, especially if the choice of flower is unique.

2. Go to a local downtown area and enjoy the sites. People watch, talk and just enjoy each others’ company. Dinner and a movie may be the classic date but it is hard to learn anything about someone at the movies, all the attention is taken up by the big screen and people shush you if you try to talk.

3. Don’t be afraid to share. Most nicer restaurants have large appetizer menus (The Cheesecake Factory) for example. If you and your date are like me, they can’t handle dinner AND dessert, and isn’t dessert the best part? By sharing one or two small plates you can enjoy a variety of items and save room for the best part of the evening.

4. If there are any cafes with live music enjoy a cup of coffee and the scene. Music can bring people together, and if you keep your conversation somewhat quiet people won’t give you dirty looks like they would for talking over a movie.

5. Share a larger dessert. If the date has made it to dessert that means the two of you are getting along great! Celebrate with dessert for two. If you are in Southern California I recommend the Frati Gelato Cafe in downtown Fullerton. Melt Gelato also has cafes in select areas across the United States.

Wherever your first date leads you, I wish you luck!

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