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Hello everyone! Yes, I changed my blog up a little bit. I wanted something that was a little different to go with the new year.

I haven’t written much lately mainly because I felt like I had nothing to say. However a wonderful friend reminded me to post so here I am.

Some updates:

I am currently working on knitting! 🙂 Tomorrow I will take some pictures of what I have already completed and what I am working on for you all to see. I’m also in the process of developing some ‘how-to’ craft tutorial videos which will be posted when my new website gets up and running.

What new website? Well my wonderful boyfriend is coding a social networking craft website for me. Once it is up I will give you all the details and ask you join me in the creativity! I promise it will be a lot of fun.

As the title of this post suggests a new semester has started. I’m taking a full load (3 graduate level courses). This is my last full time semester, with one final class to take in the fall. And then I’m done with my masters! I’m so excited, yet that means I need to focus on the real world in earnest.

So, 2 weeks into the semester and we already had a paper due. It was for my Media Audience Behavior class today and focused on the third party effect. For the class we are reading a text called “Investigating Audiences” and are writing a book on each chapter. The paper linked below focuses on Chapter One.

Third Party Effect in Critical Audience Research

I hope everyone has a wonderful February and I will post more soon.


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So after about two hours I finally realized what I had done wrong when trying to attach a PDF file to my last blog entry. So here are three of my papers for your enjoyment! 😉


This was written for my Deconstructing Disney class. It was a graduate level course that studied Disney and the effects it has or is percieved to have on society. I argued that Disney is NOT negative to society.

Creative Process Paper

This paper was also written for my Deconstructing Disney class. It was our final paper for the semester and in lieu of a written final. I was even able to interview two storywriters from Walt Disney Imagineering for this paper. It’s very interesting, even to those not studying Mass Communications.

Transmedia Storytelling and Convergence Culture

The paper that made me cry. But also the one I am most proud of. For my Mass Communications Theory Class (graduate level) we had to write a research proposal for our final project, and as a requirement we had to look at the future of mass communications. While we did not do the actual research, I’m definately thinking about that for my next research class as this paper was interesting to write. Talks about Harper’s Globe, Harper’s Island, Dollhouse, etc.. If you enjoy it and want to fund a research project let me know ;).

That is all for now. I still have lots to write about the L.A. Times Festival of Books, Bear’s First Trip to Disneyland, and lots of other ideas floating around in my head, but those will wait until another time.

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